Occupational and Speech Therapy
for Infants and Children


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Plano Therapeutic Services began in 1982 as a small, therapist-owned clinic that provided Occupational and Speech Therapy for infants and children with Sensory Integration Disorders. Today we (Pat Matzke, MS, OTR and Mary Pat Bragers, OTR) remain a small, therapist-owned pediatric clinic specializing in the treatment of children who have what are now commonly referred to as Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD), or Disorders of Sensory Integration (DSI).

These children often present with sensory defensiveness and/or sensory seeking behaviors in addition to possible functional problems such as gross and fine motor deficits, decreased coordination, or difficulty with self-help skills. The terminology may have changed, but our goals and mission have not. We believe in providing affordable, individualized Occupational and Speech Therapy of the highest quality for our clients, and support for their families.

Why consider us? At Plano Therapeutic Services: