Occupational and Speech Therapy
for Infants and Children


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How do I know if a child needs Occupational Therapy?

Many children are referred for therapy because they have difficulty due to developmental disorders, which may be identified early in infancy. Sometimes, however, a problem may be more subtle, or may not seem to “fit” into a specific diagnostic category. For example, parents may have waited for a child to “outgrow” his difficulty, but motor and self care skills develop later than expected, or the quality of the child's movement remains a concern. A child may seem to be good at some skills, yet perform quite poorly on others, or the child may require a great deal of effort and practice in order to master skills that other children learn readily. Generally, if an infant or child is evidencing a difficulty, delay, or decreased quality of motor skill such that it interferes in some way with function, then that infant or child may benefit from a consultation or evaluation.

What child or infant might need Occupational Therapy?