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When it was suggested that my son go to an OT for sensory issues and help with his fine motor skills, I called several clinics in the Dallas area. I was searching for a clinic that would give my son one-on-one therapy and development. One of the many things I love about Plano Therapeutic is the personal attention that you receive from the very first phone call. The actual therapist that would be seeing my son called me back right away. After having a thorough discussion with her, I felt confident that she would work with my son as well as his school to insure that we were all maximizing our efforts to meet his needs. Plano Therapeutic has managed to treat us as if we were the only family they work with. They have kept us informed and involved throughout the entire process, giving us ways to improve results at home. Their desire to continually explore therapy strategies, research, and other information to improve results is priceless. We are truly blessed to have found Plano Therapeutic Services and to experience the results and growth that we have seen in our child.

—Karon and Barry

Before our son's third birthday, he was followed at a feeding clinic. The speech pathologist at the clinic recognized the multiple struggles my son was having due to his sensory issues and recommended we contact Plano Therapeutic Services. This recommendation has changed our son's life dramatically!

We did not realize the complexity of having a sensory integration disorder and how it was impacting so many things in his daily life. We saw our son struggle with motor planning, gross and fine motor issues, and basic everyday tasks. We did not realize that with the right therapy and the right therapist, his life could improve significantly.

Plano Therapeutic's techniques for working with children and identifying theirs needs is fantastic. They are able to engage our son no matter how rough a day he has had. Their ability to change the plan for the day on a moment's notice is a true testament to their experience and flexibility. Plano Therapeutic's gentle, fun, and caring spirit is why our son never realized that his visits were "therapy". He thought he had the best playmate ever!

No concern is too big or too small for Plano Therapeutic. They have not only been able to assist our son, but also help us to understand how sensory disorders impact our son on a daily basis. They take the time to speak with you after each session, and help you understand the therapy techniques so that you can be successful in implementing a home program. When needed, they will email, call, or meet with us or our son's teachers.

Our son's sensory integration disorder may never totally go away, but with Plano Therapeutic's expertise and guidance, all of us including our son, have tools so that the disorder does not control his life. Instead, he is in control of the disorder. As time goes by, it is comforting to know that Tyler can go back to see Plano Therapeutic anytime if new issues arise, or we need a little "tune up". Without Plano Therapeutic, our son's life would have looked very different today. Thank you for giving back some normalcy to our son!

—Jacquie and Tim

Our daughter seemed a healthy and vibrant toddler. When her 3rd birthday came and went with no discernible speech, we had her evaluated by a Speech Therapist. Apparently, many of her behaviors like lining up toys in rows and walking on her tippy toes were possible signs of Autism. We were somewhat in a state of shock that there was something wrong with our beautiful, loving little girl. The initial recommendation was that she would need Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services.

When we first took our daughter to see Plano Therapeutic Services, we were skeptical. They evaluated her and recommended an action plan to begin therapy. While it was difficult as parents to accept, they were able to clearly communicate their understanding of our daughter's diagnosis of Autism. The positive changes in her shortly after she started therapy were impossible to ignore. We gained a far greater understanding of how our daughter's mind worked and they showed us how to augment her therapy at home, outside of her twice a week sessions.

Soon we were able to add Speech Therapy, and a year and half later, we have seen tremendous progress. We find that we are no longer easily frustrated by her behavior as we have a much better insight into her thought process and how best to motivate our daughter. She is now playing with toys and with her brother, communicating with us and developing a true sense of self. Plano Therapeutic Services continues to work with our daughter to better understand her world and to prepare her to take her place in it.