Occupational and Speech Therapy
for Infants and Children


About Us

At Plano Therapeutic Services, we provide personal, individualized therapy for each child and his or her family. We help clients and their families overcome the various challenges seen in children with Sensory Processing Disorders by providing therapy in a supportive, fun environment.

We strive to develop a personal relationship with our clients beginning with the first telephone call, and work to maintain that relationship through the last clinic visit. We believe that providing consistently high quality therapy services can best be achieved in a small clinic, where the therapist manages all aspects of the client's care—from the initial contact, through assessment, consultation, therapy, and even billing.

This individualized care extends to our clinic design, where each child is seen in a one-on-one setting with his or her therapist. This environment reduces distractions, and allows parents to easily observe or participate in their child’s therapy sessions. A one way mirror is also available for observation of therapy.

About Us

Our Therapists:

Mary Pat Bragers, OTR
Occupational Therapist

Patricia Matzke, MS, OTR
Occupational Therapist

Julie Hobert, MA, CCC/SLP
Speech Therapist
Hobert Pediatrics (same location)