Occupational and Speech Therapy
for Infants and Children


New Patients | Payment Policy

Payment for Services at Plano Therapeutic Services

The therapists at Plano Therapeutic Services love children and we are committed to providing high quality therapy services for those we serve.  We want to keep the focus on helping our clients.

Before starting the evaluation/therapy process, we want to make sure you understand that you are responsible for payment for services. Our clients pay privately, and then file their own insurance.  We will provide you with the necessary paperwork and invoices to file with your insurance company for reimbursement.  We can provide letters of medical necessity, treatment plans, or other necessary documentation when requested by your insurance company. 

Prior to starting therapy, we request that you obtain a prescription or referral from your child’s doctor for Occupational Therapy. When there are extenuating circumstances, we will work with you to try to make sure that your child’s therapy can continue. Since you are responsible for payment, we advise you to check your benefits with your insurance company before starting therapy.

These are some questions that you should ask:

Your insurance policy is an agreement between you (or your employer) and your insurance company. The coverage determinations are often made after the evaluation, diagnosis, or CPT (treatment) codes are reviewed by your insurance company, regardless of what a representative may have originally said on the phone. Insurance companies can deny payment for services even after they have authorized therapy.  Though your child may need therapy, their diagnosis or treatment may not fall within your individual policy guidelines.

In the event that you do experience difficulty with reimbursement, and you feel that insurance is making a mistake, we strongly encourage you to contact your Human Resources department as well as the insurance company to express your concern. Insurance companies are much more responsive to you, as their customer, than they are to providers. You can also make a difference in coverage in the future by lobbying with your Human Resources Department.

If you do not have insurance coverage for your child’s therapy, we are happy to provide therapy to you as a private client. Our priority is always to help your child. Private pay therapy is considered a medical expense for tax purposes and we will give you detailed information for your records.