Occupational and Speech Therapy
for Infants and Children


What to Expect

What happens during a therapy session?

Each child is seen in a one-to-one therapy session in an individual treatment or gym area. Each therapy session is designed to help the child progress in the goals that the therapist and parents have developed. Activities are specifically selected to improve the child's ability to interpret and adapt to the sensory and motor experiences in his life. Depending on the age and abilities of the child, this may involve jumping into a pile of pillows to work on decreasing sensory defensiveness, throwing balls to a target while sitting on a large carpet covered platform swing to improve balance and eye hand coordination, or working on specific skills the child needs in everyday life, such as dressing skills, cutting, drawing, or printing. Improvement in sensory processing forms the foundation for developing more complex functional skills.

What to expect at OT

The individual clinic areas reduce distractions and allow for the optimal interaction between the therapist and the child. The focus of therapy is not only to master the developmental functional goals set for each child, but to work with the parents as well. Parents have the opportunity to talk with the therapist after each therapy session, and are able to observe therapy, or sit in on therapy sessions, where appropriate. Information and education is provided to the family, and home programs are developed with the family, to carry the benefits of the therapy program over into the child’s everyday life. The therapists are also available to consult with the teacher or other individuals working with the child.